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A quick presentation

I'm Patrik, a French student from Grenoble, with some ties to Sweden. I'm in my last year of master degree, studying IT systems at ENSIMAG in Grenoble.

But this year is my first year as an ERASMUS student in Krakow, Poland. I'm taking a double diploma in computer science at AGH.

I'm also a IT geek of some sort, been running on Linux since I was 11 and never stopped learning. This summer I did an internship in a startup in Paris : Stootie. I was doing some "DevOps" work, or more precisely Cloud Architecture. First time I used AWS, Docker, Terraform, and some other really nice tools. And I loved it! That's why I intend to work in this very promising area.

That's enough for today, I will try to write a quick post about Docker and Traefik soon!

A quick presentation
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